Columbia School Board Approves 2013 Boundary Lines

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COLUMBIA - The school board for Columbia Public Schools unanimously approved the "approach B" boundary lines Monday night at its meeting. To view those boundary maps and read the road-by-road break down scroll down. This decision comes after the Secondary Enrollment Planning Committee spent about a year and a half coming up with possible boundary options and presenting them to the community during public forums.  

The board said it looked at how this approach would impact things like demographics in schools and traveling distance. Ultimately, it decided "approach B" was the best fit.  The city of Columbia hasn't faced a big educational change like this since Rock Bridge opened its doors in 1973. Despite the board's decision, there were still concerns addressed by the public. 

Some worried about students who live within walking distance from Hickman High School, but under the new boundaries they would now go to Rock Bridge High School.  The board discussed possible transfer options so that students in that situation could switch schools, but didn't promise anything.

Another concern dealt more with the district's transition to six intermediate schools and three high schools.  People voiced concern for the class of 2015.  Those students will attend 10th grade at either Rock Bridge or Hickman, but depending on where they fit into the new boundaries, they might have to switch schools for 11th and 12th grades.  Multiple members of the public commented about how they felt this switch would be distracting to students, and said students should be able to graduate high school from where they start.  

Intermediate Schools Map


High Schools Map


Street by Street Plan B