Columbia School Board to Vote on Collective Bargaining Proposal

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COLUMBIA - Columbia School Board members will vote Monday on a collective bargaining agreement with the Columbia Missouri National Education Association (CMNEA) to give teachers a pay increase because of frozen salaries in the 2009-2010 school year. 

A collective bargaining contract is an agreement between the district and employees on compensation and workplace conditions and is new to the Columbia Public School district. This year marks the second time teachers have collectively bargained with the district. 

This contract proposal is the result of eight collective bargaining sessions this spring between Columbia Public Schools and CMNEA.

The frozen salaries affected nearly two-thirds of teachers in the Columbia Public School district several years ago. These teachers' salaries, on average, would increase by nearly $850 in the upcoming school year.

The approval of the contract will cost the district approximately $850,000.

The current contract only was set to be in place for one year, but the new contract will last for three years.

Columbia School Board members will also vote Monday on an increase in school meal prices. The proposal would increase student lunches by 10 cents, adult lunches by 15 cents and breakfast prices by 10 cents.