Columbia School Board Votes to Increase Lunch Prices

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COLUMBIA- The Columbia Board of Education unanimously voted to increase school lunch prices by ten cents Monday night. 

The ten-cent increase results from the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act requiring districts in the National School Lunch Program to provide equal support for students eligible for free and reduced lunches and those students who pay normal lunch prices. The increase in price will only apply to those students paying normal lunch prices. The increase will not impact those students who receive free or reduced-lunch.

One more dime per lunch will add up to $17 more per student per year. That will add up to more than $90,000 for the district's food services. 

The new lunch prices will be $2.25 for elementary school and $2.50 for secondary schools. The Columbia School Board also warns that lunch prices may continue to increase to meet more federal regulations and to supply healthy food to students. 

At Monday night's meeting, the board also approved an amendment regarding the disclosure of information about allegations of sexual misconduct by former employees with a student. An amendment was also passed regarding an existing policy on staff salaries, which changed the deadline for employees to request higher pay for completing graduate school coursework.

The next school board meeting is planned for June 11.