Columbia Schools Receive Mixed Scores on MAP Test

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Department of Secondary Education released the most recent District Annual Performance Reports overnight.

The APRs serve as a report card for the districts, demonstrating how students scored on the MAP tests they took earlier this spring. The students are evaluated in several different categories including mathematics, language arts, social studies and science.

Columbia Public School district saw scores go up in seven areas, drop in eight areas, and stay the same in two areas. The biggest score drop Columbia Public Schools saw was in eighth-grade math. Last year, about 50 percent of students scored at the proficient level or higher. This year, about 30 percent of students scored in that range.  

The largest improvement was seen in high school biology where the scoring increased more than 10 percent compared to last year.

The results for each district in the state is available online. You can find a detailed description of the report here.