Columbia Schools Tweak Boundary Lines

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Public School parents had something to say Tuesday about school redistricting -- again. Their reaction comes after a Columbia Public Schools' special committee said Monday it will move urge Plan B to the Board of Education.

Plan B splits up Mill Creek Elementary into two intermediate schools instead of four like Plan A. However, some residents still did not understand Tuesday morning.

"I live two blocks away, north of Gentry, within walking distance, and my kids will go to Jeff," Mill Creek mother Mandy Llewellyn said.

That's was this morning.  By afternoon she had a cooler head. According to the old Plan B scenario, parents who live north of Nifong Boulevard and south of Green Meadows Road would send their children to Jefferson Intermediate School instead of Gentry Intermediate. That however, has been tweaked. Those that live north of Nifong and south of Green Meadows will now stay in the Gentry Intermediate district. The news was a pleasant suprise to Llewellyn.

"Well, I'm way happier now, now that I started my day, that's for sure," she said. "Now I don't even have to approach it with my kids, so now it's a saving grace."

The schools will all change into "Intermediate" schools when the district opens its third high school, Battle High School. The plan still needs approval by the board. The redistricting committee will present its recommendation in January and the board is not expected to approve it until at least February.