Columbia Scored Higher on ACT than National and State Average

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Public School teachers responded on Thursdsay to test scores that show their students are outscoring their peers on the ACT standardized test, both locally and nationally.

The ACT, or the American College Testing, Profile Report shows nationally the 2012 class averaged a 21.6 out of 36 points. Missouri students fell below that average with a  21.1 composite score. But Columbia students averaged much higher, with a composite score of 23.

The scores come from a four part test in which students answer questions on English, mathematics, reading and science. ACT prep expert Ene-Kaja Chippendale from the Focus on Learning test center in Columbia, said a student's score can lead to more acceptance letters and more dollars in scholarship money.

"Every extra point on the ACT translates into scholarship dollars which is huge right now as the cost of college is escalating as it is," said Chippendale.

Teachers at Hickman High School in Columbia said they're happy with the scores from their students. Teacher Ginny Lennon said after school and weekend test prep has helped her students stay prepared for the exam.

"Columbia is a very targeted curriculum and is continually striving to improve and figure out exactly what do the kids need to know at the end of each course," said Lennon.

She also said the high scores are a testament to quality teachers and families in the area.