Columbia Second Chance Celebrates Birthday

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COOPER COUNTY - Columbia Second Chance turned 26 on Saturday and hosted a party to celebrate.  Pets and their owners were welcome for games, cake, and even pet grooming at the shelter.

Valerie Chaffin, executive director for the shelter, said many of the dogs and cats come with interesting stories--both happy and heart-breaking.  One of the shelter's dogs currently up for adoption, Adonis, was previously adopted by a man in the military.  When the man was deployed, Adonis was left homeless.  Columbia Second Chance took him back. 

Heather Duren Stubbs, a volunteer foster owner, said, "Unfortunately it's the same story that many of our dogs have, you know, they're homeless by admissions of humans, not because of something that they did wrong."  Duren Stubbs said the birthday celebration was about raising awareness for these pets that need good homes from families that can provide for them. 

If you're interested in volunteering or becoming a foster owner, contact Columbia Second Chance at its website here.