Columbia Second Chance looking for volunteers

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BOONVILLE – Second Chance, an animal rescue group, is looking for more volunteers. The group hosted a volunteer orientation on Sunday.

Second Chance is a non-profit animal shelter. Giulia Lino, volunteer coordinator, said, "our goal is to rescue any animal in need and find the best possible home for them.”

Lino said Second Chance is almost completely run by volunteers. “It’s pretty incredible the amount of things that they are able to accomplish.”

“There’s only two salaried staff members, and then there’s a couple employees that work on the weekends, but other than that it’s all volunteer-based,” she said.

Those interested in volunteering received a tour of the shelter and learned more about volunteer duties during the orientation.

Skylar Taylor, a new volunteer, said she decided to volunteer at the organization after her family got a kitten from Second Chance.

Taylor said she has never done any formal volunteering with animals, but her family owns a pet shop. “We’ve been around animals our whole lives and it’s just something we love to do. So it’s not hard when somebody asks for help.”

Taylor says she wants to specifically help out with the organization’s events. “That is something I want to help out with because sometimes it’s hard to find people that want to commit to longer shifts,” she said.

Lino said other volunteer duties range from fostering and caring for animals to data management.

“We always want volunteers just because people like to change their jobs, they like to change what they do for the organization,” she said.

She said there are currently about 150 volunteers, and the group is always looking for more help.