Columbia sees increase in commercial business developments

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COLUMBIA - After the emergence of more than five new commercial business in Columbia, including Moe's Southwest Grill on Oct. 23, the city recognizes an increase in business developments within the past 10 years. 

Uber, H&M, Charming Charlie's, Wendy's and Moe's are a few of the new additions for Columbia consumers in the past couple months. 

"There is a correlation between population growth and the emergence of new businesses," said city planner Steve MacIntyre. 

The city said this type of increase is more common in larger metropolitan cities but the three colleges attracts new business to the area. This creates a cycle of continuing population growth. The population of Columbia has grown about six percent since 2010. City planners expect the population to continue to grow, thus attracting more businesses to the area.

"New business developments bring in revenue for the city," said MacIntyre.

Most residents said they were excited about new businesses, and said that they will benefit Columbia in the long run.

"I think its great these types of businesses are interested in developing here," said Columbia resident Anne Thompson. "Living in a college town has its perks, its small but we have the benefits of what some larger cities would have."