Columbia Shirt Shop Works Overnight After Cardinals' Win

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COLUMBIA - The St. Louis Cardinals spent the last few innings of the National Championship Series counting down their time to a World Series berth. Meanwhile, the Missouri Cotton Exchange was preparing their T-Shirt machines to commemorate the Cardinals' National League Championship.

All they needed was the final score.

At 10:29 p.m. Cardinals reliever Trevor Rosenthal struck out Dodgers' second baseman Mark Ellis to close out a 9-0 win and the Cardinals' second trip to the World Series in three years. A few minutes later, the score went final and 13 employees at the Missouri Cotton Exchange got to work. They had a long night ahead of them; 6,500 shirts were to be made and shipped out to St. Louis overnight.

Owner of the Missouri Cotton Exchange and life-long Cardinals' fan Jeff Glenn was happy to do his part in commemorating the Cardinals' pennant.

"It's fun to take part in such a big event," Glenn said. "If I see the parade going on downtown and see a design that looks like the one we did, we can say 'hey, maybe that's ours,' so yeah it's a lot of fun."

And if the Cardinals win the World Series...

"We will have a lot more orders to fill out," Glenn said.