Columbia shoppers share preferences for Thanksgiving food shopping

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COLUMBIA - With Thanksgiving just around the corner, KOMU 8 News set out to ask shoppers if they have brand preferences when it comes to the most popular dishes.

After talking to numerous customers, the overwhelming majority said they don't really think about the brand.

Many customers said finding the cheapest options is what is most important to them. 

One woman said it is all pretty much the same after being cooked, so she just tries to save money. 

Another woman said she prefers to make the dishes from scratch and chooses to buy organic. 

Carl Holst said his only preference is based on the store he chooses to shop at. 

"Yeah brands really don't mean anything to much, except now that I'm at Krogers, at Gerbes I would rather have Kroger's foods," Holst said. 

Besides Holst prefering Kroger brand food, only one other person expressed a brand preference. The woman said she prefers Marie Callender's Pies over other frozen pies. 

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