Columbia Shopping District Celebrates Valentine's Day

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COLUMBIA - All seats were full Thursday night at Sycamore, a restaurant in the downtown shopping district.

All tables at the restaurant had been reserved since the Tuesday before Valentine's Day.  Sycamore restaurant owner Sanford Speake said, "Valentine's Day, New Years, and Graduation are the busiest times of the year for us."

Customer Sue Worsowicz didn't make a reservation for her dinner but luckily got a table, thanks to her husband Greg. He waited for a table for over thirty minutes and wasn't even going to stay for the dinner. He was just getting back into town from business and wanted to meet his wife to surprise her before her dinner with a close friend.

The United States Department of Agriculture found that "from the estimated $18.6 billion dollars spent, [Valentine's Day] about 34% of Valentine's Day dollars will buy a romantic meal."

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