Columbia Side Streets Still Icy as Next Storm Nears

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COLUMBIA - The city prepared Monday for its second large snow storm in less than a week. And while many of the main thoroughfares are clear, this is not true for the entire city.

According to Columbia Public Works, city road crews started snow removal in residential areas on Friday. They began their efforts at the center of the city and moved outward.

However, KOMU 8 News talked to several residents who are concerned about the amount of snow and ice still on the streets surrounding their homes. Columbia resident Jacob Brown said the city plowed his neighborhood once but did not clear it, leaving it drivable, but difficult. Brown said his two-wheel-drive truck did not fare well in the first storm.

But for Gail Bank, who has been a Columbia resident for the past 20 years, this is not surprising. Bank said he is actually used to it because the side streets do not seem to be the city's priority.

"I live on Fairview and that's a main thoroughfare for people coming this way and going out the other way. And so they were on that right away first. And it's right off Chapel Hill, which has a high priority because you can't have cars going up that hill without having a great many accidents from that. So there is a pattern that the city has and right now we're standing in a secondary street at least," Bank said.

But the weather will not keep Bank from taking his daily dog walk. He prepares for icy conditions with spikes on his shoes, and a walking stick to keep him upright.

By 5 p.m. Saturday, Columbia Public Works said it had cleared 90 percent of the city's roads and was finishing the last ten percent of the roads in residential areas.