Columbia snow plowing policy raises safety concerns

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A Columbia resident expressed concerns over the city's policy for plowing sidewalks after mid-Missouri received snowfall over the weekend.

Tiera Montgomery said the snow kept her from leaving her house. 

"I walk to school, so whenever the roads are not clear, it really does make an impact on my week, my schedule and my day because I can't leave my house at that point," she said.

Montgomery said she lives close to side streets, and that snow there takes longer to be cleared.

"It gets very frustrating when the roads aren't cleared," she said. "I live on the side street, so the first snow we had my car was trapped for three days because it took that long for the streets to get cleared. I wasn't able to go to work for three days."

Community relations specialist Barry Dalton said the city does all it can to clear priority roads first to make them passable and then side streets when snow accumulation reaches 4 inches. 

Montgomery said this policy does not consider everyone's safety.

"I think that 4 inches is a lot considering the amount of snow we've been getting through out this winter," she said. "If I had to wait 4 inches just to get my snow cleared, that would be me waiting all day." 

More information on winter weather policies and procedure can be found on the city's website.