Columbia Soccer Fans Celebrate USA World Cup Win at McNally\'s

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COLUMBIA - McNally's played host to Columbia soccer fans on Monday, at a World Cup watch party.

The Columbia bar has been planning the World Cup event since the last World Cup, four years ago. Fans said McNally's have a long history of supporting soccer.

The American Outlaws is a group geared toward getting large groups of soccer fans pumped for the big event. Decked out in red, white and blue, the crowd screamed chants throughout the entire game. 

Jay Sparks, a McNally's bartender, and Patrick Finney, president of the American Outlaws Columbia chapter, worked together to put on the viewing party. Finney said he moved to Columbia three years ago and wanted to start a Columbia American Outlaws chapter as soon as he moved.

Sparks said soccer is often times forgotten in comparison to other sports. He said he was thrilled to see "the Super Bowl like crowd" coming out to McNally's to support the players.

"I just want every bar in Columbia to have soccer on and have it to be a part of the sports landscape. As far as it being McNally's, this atmosphere is what soccer fans want," Sparks said.

Finney said the Columbia chapter of American Outlaws feels a responsibility to support soccer.

"We're here to elevate the passion and the love for the American soccer program," Finney said.  "To build a strong fan base, to be that support to those players that are going out there to play for us."

Everyone is welcome at McNally's to watch the World Cup.