Columbia starts filing for mayoral race

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COLUMBIA - Those interested in running for Columbia's mayor could file Tuesday. 

Columia's current mayor, Bob McDavid said in September he would not be seeking third term. 

One resident, who ran for the First Ward council position, said the city needs a person who will listen to the people more. 

"We need a person who wants to leave behind the corrupt nature of city hall and foster an environment suitable for growing the interest of everybody and not just the people the mayor wants to be in charge of," Jake Loft said. 

McDavid told KOMU 8 News the city's financial's health would be a major focus for the next mayor.

Loft said that there are perhaps more important issues.

"We need to make sure the next mayor we get spends the sale tax efficiently that takes care of the problems that are facing the citizens today, not problems that they could be facing 10 to 20 years from now," Loft said. 

He said that the next mayor can start with the sewers and roads.

"If we're going to encourage businesses to come into town, they need to have solid infrastructure underneath them," Loft said. 

Filing is open until Jan. 12.