Columbia Students Adjust to New Start Times

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COLUMBIA -Columbia Public Schools opened Tuesday, with new start times. Most elementary schools started at 8:20 a.m., middle schools at 7:30 a.m., and high schools at 8:55 a.m. Some elementary schools opened their doors early at 7:40am.

Rock Bridge High School principal Jennifer Mast said students and faculty adjusted well to the new start times. Mast said, " We hope that it would equate to perhaps increased student achievement. I'm hoping that it will make us more flexible about how we can use our day." 

Some Rock Bridge students said they were happy with the new start times. Rock Bridge wrestler Jason Kaehne said he thinks it will help. " I like it a lot better because I can sleep more and focus throughout the day. Last year I slept a lot, the only bad thing is that now wrestling is going to be in the morning and after school." 

To add to the first day excitement Rock Bridge alumna and current Miss Missouri, Shelby Ringdahl, visited students. Ringdahl said she would have liked extra time in the morning as a student.

Ringdahl said, "I think it is also good because I was so active, it gives you a little bit of extra sleep, a little time in the morning to maybe get a few last minute homework pieces done instead of having to be here so early." 

School start times and bus schedules are available on the Columbia Public School Website