Columbia Survey Ends Friday

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COLUMBIA - The 2011 Columbia Community Survey will be available online through the end of the business day on Friday.

The survey is designed for citizens to assess how Columbia is doing in a variety of categories including maintaining roads and public safety.

The survey also addresses how well residents think city officials communicate with them and how well city codes are enforced.

Columbia Public Communications Director Toni Messina says she hopes citizens take the time to fill out the survey.

"It's easy to assume that you think you know what your customers want. But the only way you really know is if you ask them. Every opinion is important," Messina said.

The whole survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and the city anticipates results will be released in early June. At that point the City Council will discuss the results and decide what action it wants to take.

The survey was mailed randomly to 800 households throughout Columbia, but citizens also have the option to fill it out online.

The survey is available through this link.