Columbia to Ask, "What Do You Care About?"

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COLUMBIA - Columbia's Comprehensive Plan Task Force will try Monday to figure out what Columbia residents want with the city's Planning and Zoning Committee.

The task force will have a meeting at 1:30 Monday afternoon to discuss the issue. It is in the "What Do We Care About" phase of its work to see how it can develop the city next. Within this phase there are five different themes the task force cares about.

Three of those themes involve the way Columbians live, the way they grow, and the way they move. The city is also asking people to provide comments within this phase.

"We want to establish what people think is important with preserving Columbia," Community Development Coordinator Tim Teddy said. 

There are comment boxes where residents can weigh in on what they want. One of them is up on the fifth floor of city hall where Columbia's Planning and Zoning Commission works.