Columbia to hold interested parties meeting on traffic calming project

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COLUMBIA - Community members will have an opportunity to offer feedback Monday night on the City of Columbia’s plan to install speed-reducing devices on Primrose Drive.

People who live along the street said they see cars drive so fast on the street, it seems more like a speedway than a neighborhood.

Second ward city councilman Michael Trapp, whose ward encompasses the Primrose Drive area, said the project is long overdue.

“When I first decided to run to city council, the first street I walked was Primrose and it scared me with how fast cars were going,” Trapp said. “There’s not sidewalks on it, and so people walk in the roadway and there is a lot of speeding traffic and it’s really unsafe.”

With the lack of sidewalks and a blind curve, people said they are worried about the safety of kids who live along the road. 

Trapp said the reason Primrose Drive sees so many speeding cars is because of its outdated infrastructure.

“When we have these older neighborhoods, some of our infrastructure is outdated and that leads to a lot of speeding because we used to build roads in a straight line,” Trapp said. “When they design modern subdivisions, they put curve in the road. That naturally reduces the site distance and it slows traffic naturally.”

After listening to community members concerns in October, the city developed a plan to calm traffic on Primrose. The plan would install two speed bumps and two speed table on Primrose Drive between Stadium Boulevard and Sunflower Street.

According to a project map on the City of Columbia’s website, the two speed tables will be installed at the intersections of Primrose Drive and Rose Drive and Primrose Drive and Garden Drive. The two speed bumps will be installed between Garden Drive and Rashid Court.

Trapp said the project won't just make drivers safer, but it would improve the neighborhood as a whole.

“I’s not just road safety but it impacts the whole neighborhood life,” he said. “When people aren't flying by, it becomes more attractive to sit on your front porch and to go for a walk in your neighborhood because you feel safer.”

The project is expected to cost around $50,000.

The meeting is scheduled from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Higher Ground Church.

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