Columbia to host MSHSAA Show-Me Bowl for the next five years

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COLUMBIA- High school football teams from around the state will travel to Memorial Stadium for the next five years to compete for their respective state titles.

In January 2018, the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) announced that the City of Columbia would host both weekends of the MSHSAA Show-Me Bowl for the next five years starting in 2018.

“2018 is the first year of a five year contract to have the MSHSAA Football Championships here both weekends which the first weekend is 8-man and class 6 and then the second weekend is classes 1-5 so they’ll be here for a few years to come,” Columbia Chamber of Commerce Strategic Communications Manager Megan McConachie said.

The city secured the contract by submitting a bid to MSHSAA in 2017,for which they had to work with the entire city in order to create a proposal that they believed MSHSAA would approve of.

“We work really closely with our hotels with our other tourism partners and also the university of Missouri in order to put together a proposal that is most attractive to MSHSAA,” McConachie said.

One reason so much effort was put into receiving approval to host this event is because of the economic impact that events like this one have on the City of Columbia.

This is due to the fact that events like the MSHSAA Show-Me Bowl bring in a significant number of people to the cities in which they are being held and those people come to these cities and they spend money.

“We have something within tourism that we call the Halo effect and so when a tourist come to a place like Columbia you know they spend money spending the night just like when anyone else travels and so that not only supports the person who’s working in those businesses and the business itself but it also through their tax dollars helps support things that we get to enjoy year round not just when the tourist is here,” McConachie said.

For example, one of the attendees at this year’s Show-Me Bowl, Randy Stern, said he goes to the University of Missouri bookstore every time he is in Columbia, and looks forward to "supporting the local restaurants and just enjoying Columbia and everything it has to offer.”

According to McConachie the money raised from the sales tax on things that tourists like Stern purchase here in Columbia help support services like keeping streets clean and public safety.