Columbia trails still need cleaning after flooding

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COLUMBIA- Columbia has multiple trails for biking and walking that lace throughout the city, but right now, the trails are not a very clean option because of recent storms.

Gabe Huffinton is the parks services manager with the Parks and Recreation Department and said people using the trails should be alert.

"Trails are going to have some debris on them. We are going to see a lot of mud and sediment in each one of the tunnels that connect our trails underneath major roadways like Stadium and Broadway," Huffington said.

MKT, Hinkson and Bear Creak trails all need to be resurfaced after recent flooding and washouts due to heavy rainfall.

Huffinton said crews will clear the trails that are used to commute in and out of the city first and get to neighborhood trails afterwords.

"It takes us a little while, but we have a priority list," Huffington said.

Maintenance has ranged from regraveling to clearing anything the water might have swept onto the trails.

The Parks and Recreations Department Management Center says it expects clean up to finish next week.

If you have a issue with a trail, you can call the non-emergency police hot line at 573-442-6131 and report the location and issue.