Columbia Transit Offers Free Transportation for the Day

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Transit is offering free transportation on Thursday as a part of Try Transit Thursday. In association with Columbia's Bike, Walk & Wheel Week, it costs nothing to ride anywhere Columbia Transit goes until 10 p.m.

Drew Brooks, the transportation supervisor at Wabash Station, explained how this one-day event gives customers an opportunity to not only ride for free, but also learn the system, see where the busses travel, and find out if Columbia Transit could be a part of their daily commute.

"Usually we see anywhere from a 10 to 15 percent increase in ridership that day. So it definitely boosts ridership, and we see that people are definitely giving it a try," Brooks said.

Columbia Transit has hosted Try Transit Day for more than a decade now, but more recently have teamed up the event with Bike, Walk & Wheel Week.

Bike riders who want to use the public bus system can use it for free all week. All they have to do is bring their bike along for the ride.