Columbia Transit Technology Upgrade Awaiting Vendor Approval

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Transit officials told KOMU 8 News Thursday the city is awaiting a signature from a ventor to move ahead with technology upgrades.

The new technology revolves around installing a GPS and an AVL, automatic vehicle location, on every bus so the city can track the bus' location. This is similar to the technology FastCAT has now which allows riders to track the buses online. Public Works spokesman Steven Sapp said having a GPS on board means more upgrades that can help benefit the riders.

Sapp said electronic screens will be installed at certain bus stop locations, alerting the riders of when the next bus will arrive and where it is going. There will also be an app that passengers can download so they can see which bus they should take and how far away it is. Sapp also said the buses will have headways which notify the rider of what stop is next and how long until the bus arrives there.

Sapp said this new technology also allows the city to collect more accurate data on how many passengers are riding and where they are getting on and off the bus. With this data, the city will have a more accurate picture of where the bus is most used. It plans on using this data when developing routes for the Como Connect project.

The upgrades will begin once the contract is signed. All of the upgrades are scheduled to be completed by the time school starts in August.