Columbia Trash Collectors Gear Up For Students Moving

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COLUMBIA - Solid Waste Collection Superintendent Nick Paul said Thursday that the city of Columbia will have twice as many trash collector trucks running this weekend than normal because many college students are moving. Paul said he expects dumpsters to be packed and surrounded with lots of electronics and furniture this weekend. "You'll see a lot of nice furniture actually that the students will throw out."

Paul said the city has a no scavenging policy, meaning when trash collectors pull up to a dumpster they are required to haul everything in and around the dumpster to the landfill. However, people are allowed to take anything they want from trash at the curb before the city trash collectors arrive on site.

Often students leave behind belongings at the dumpster out of convenience. College student Minsup Kim said, "[Students] don't care what will happen to the furniture, and they just go to the new [place and] buy new stuff."

Paul encourages students who are moving to donate working electronics and good furniture to second hand stores or share their throwaway items with friends.

The city will have twice as many trash collector trucks running next weekend as well.