Columbia Watches Out for Their Neighbor

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COLUMBIA - With Friday being National Good Neighbor Day, members of Columbia Neighborhood Watch are reminding residents to look for anything suspicious in the neighborhood.  

Susan Clark has been president of Columbia Neighborhood Watch for the past 6 years, and believes this association is as important as its ever been.

"As Columbia has grown over the years, there is definitely more crime reported. I couldn't tell you if its because more is reported or committed, but we certainly have an increase in population to account for increase in crime," Clark said.

Tim Thomason of the Columbia Police Department oversees the organization's training sessions and other communication activities.  He says the Neighborhood Watch is a great tool for the police.

"There are only so many police officers out in the field at a time.  We can't be everywhere, but this organization helps us to know when things are out of the ordinary," Thomason said.

"Its almost like we are in partner ship with the police department," Clark said. "We're assuming some responsibility as citizens to report what we are seeing, what we know is out of the ordinary. You can't expect the police officer to know everything that normally happens in the neighborhood. They are not here 24 hours a day. They drive though periodically. They can use all the help they can get."

Clark reminded residents of a few ideas to keep the neighborhood safe.

  • Lock all car and home doors
  • Keep valuables or items that look like valuables out of your car
  • Keep car under good street lights
  • Close garage door
  • Notify your neighbors that you will be out of town
  • Watch for anything suspicious or out of the ordinary in your neighborhood
The Neighborhood Watch has 4 training sessions a year.  Click here to see the Columbia Neighborhood Watch Website.