Columbia Water and Energy Plans for New Fuel Use

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Water and Light held an advisory board meeting Wednesday morning and discussed a new agreement with a biomass fuel company.  This agreement discusses the three-step process Water and Light is taking in the board's attempt to get the city to use new fuel source.  Currently, the city of Columbia gets their energy from burning wood.

Board Vice Chairman Dick Parker said the board needs to first get permission from the state to change the fuel the city is using.  Then the board needs to have a contract drawn up to do a test run with the fuel company it chooses.  Finally, if the tests work out, the city will commit to a five-year contract with the fuel company.

Parker said, "We're interested in agriculture biomass as a carbon dioxide reduction for renewable energy."

The advisory board also discussed its transmission line report and said it will have open meetings soon so the public can come in and voice its opinions on where it would rather have power lines in Columbia.

Finally the board discussed a letter sent to the mayor and city council urging the council hire a rate consultant or internally tries to develop better conservation rates.