Columbia Water and Light Deliver Wind Energy Contract

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Water and Light delivers a wind energy contract at the city council meeting Tuesday.  The contract up for consideration is a 20 year contract with NextEra Energy Resources.

The wind energy will be powered from Iowa and will help Water and Light exceed the city's renewable energy requirements. In 2011, Water and Light had 5.4% of its electric supply coming from renewable energy resources which is higher than the 2013 requirement passed by voters in 2004.

The contract with NextEra Energy is for 21 megawatts of wind gnerenated power.  MU will purchase half of the wind power or 10.5 megawatts. This will produce enough energy to power an estimated 6,000 households per year.

If City Council approves the power purchase agreement at the meeting February 6th, the energy delivery will begin within a month.