Columbia Water & Light prepares to uprgrade electric lines

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Water & Light is preparing to move and upgrade old overhead electric lines.

The city plans to move the overhead lines that run from the east side of Rock Quarry Park, through the backyards west of Churchill Drive and east of Hermitage Road. The new line will run underground.

The main goals of the upgrade are to increase the electrical capacity of the line, to eliminate future tree trimming expenses and to improve the reliability of the electrical service in the area.

Dan Clark, Columbia Water & Light engineering supervisor, said the water and light department spends a lot of money to trim trees each year to keep those branches away from the overhead lines.

"There is a benefit as far as reliability because you don't have the outages caused by trees breaking and squirrels and that kind of thing," Clark said.

Clark said the lines that are currently in use are heavily loaded and the new lines will help balance the electrical capacity of the area.

Clark said he expects construction to begin in late October and expects it to last about two or three months depending on the weather.