Columbia Woman Admits Stealing More Than $250K From Employer

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COLUMBIA - A Columbia woman admitted to stealing more than $250,000 from her former employer, according to the U.S. Western District Attorney.

Christine Diane Todd pleaded guilty to tax evasion when she failed to report the stolen money on her federal income taxes. The U.S. Western District Attorney's office said when Todd pleaded guilty to tax evasion, she admitted her role in a scheme that stole money from her former employer.

Todd was a branch credit manager at Major Brands, a Missouri-based liquor distributor, and was in charge of money coming in from customers. Todd admitted she stole small amounts of money over a four year period - totalling $257,688.

Todd falsely filed income taxes in 2006, when she did not report the $100,832 she embezzled from Major Brands during 2005.

Federal law states Todd could face three years in prison without parole, a $100,000 fine and an order of restitution.