Columbia Woman Faces the Inevitable with Flood Damage

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COLUMBIA - The flooding and heavy rainfall on Friday and Saturday is keeping one Missouri business very busy.

Bette Weiss lives near Lake of the Woods Road in Columbia, an area that experienced some flooding.

"My grandson is the one that found the water when he came downstairs and it was close to his drum set," said Weiss.

Weiss is just one Mid-Missourian to experience flood damage. The rain and flooding has kept phones ringing for home repair businesses.

"We have been really busy," said Reggie Kinser. He is a project manager for Service Master—a business that has been busy repairing homes with flood damage.

"We have been what we call slammed over the last week and a half. Jobs all around the area; even outside of Boone County we have had several jobs," Kinser said.

Kinser said the reports seem to be very similar.

"Mostly it is flooded basements, foundation problems. That kind of thing," said Kinser. "We do see some skylight leakage. People who say the last ten years they have had no problems. Basements have been dry, but all of a sudden this year after 15 years of having no problem with it and all of a sudden they have a flooded basement."

Weiss has not decided what to do with her basement, but said she "must do something."