Columbia Woman Heads Up 14th Year of Everyone Eats

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COLUMBIA - Almeta Crayton began the drive Monday for what may be her last year running the "Everyone Eats" food drive.  Crayton has run the program for 14 years.  The drive provides a variety of Thanksgiving meal options for those in need.

Everyone Eats gives families a pre-packed basket of food before the holiday.  It hosts a Thanksgiving day dinner on Stephens College Campus and can deliver a cooked meal to people on the holiday as well. In 2010, it fed close to 500 people at the dinner and gave away about 2,000 food baskets.  

Doctors put Crayton on dialysis for kidney disease three years ago. During the program last year, the illness became more serious, which has called Crayton's future involvement into question.

Crayton will take donations at her home in Columbia at 409 Oak St. People who would like to receive food or attend the dinner can sign up there as well.   

Crayton said the idea for the program began when she saw the school children she worked with going without food for holiday breaks. The program expanded to help college students who can't stay in the dorms over the break and people who simply have no where else to go.