Columbia Woman Remembers Boston Bombing One Year Later

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COLUMBIA - A year ago Columbia runner Shelly Frazier finished the Boston Marathon minutes before the bombs went off. A knee injury prevented Frazier from running in the marathon this year, but she reflected back on the experience.

"I wanted to go back and run it again, but I just knew it wasn't something I was capable of," Frazier said.

Instead she watched on the live stream as her friends ran the marathon without her.

"I could have been there cheering them on when they crossed the finish line," Frazier said. "But it was just too soon. I wasn't ready to be back in that same spot."

Frazier said the experience is still difficult for her to think about and she has a hard time watching some of the footage from the bombing.

"Some of the filming is from almost exactly where I was standing, as I saw it and those are pretty hard to watch," Frazier said. "But today the race went off without a hitch and I had friends that did really well so it was just a good day."

Frazier said the experience gave her a new respect for life.

"It made me really appreciate the times I've been able to finish a race and go on with my life and the fact that I'm able to get up and do things and a lot of people weren't able to after that day. It just gives you a bigger appreciation for life."