Columbians get a local choice for Thanksgiving produce

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Farmers Market will be hosting their weekly farmers market Tuesday instead of Saturday this week.

The change in schedule allows customers to get the freshest groceries possible before Thanksgiving and also provides a transition from the outdoor market to the indoor winter market. 

Though it comes at a different day, the location of the Thanksgiving market will still be at the Parkade center. 

John Corn, a grower and the president of the Columbia Farmers Market, said that although he will not be selling much produce Tuesday, he is glad that others will have the opportunity to buy and sell locally. 

Corn said the idea for having a Thanksgiving market happened after he heard complaints about the rush of people at grocery stores around the holidays. He said having a farmers market in the week before Thanksgiving provided a solution for last-minute shoppers.  

Customers can expect seasonal vegetables Tuesday like sweet potatoes, winter squash and greens in addition to baked goods. 

Manager of the Farmers Market Corrina Smith says that getting produce from the farmers market not only saves time in the grocery line, but is also economically beneficial for the community. 

"Around 15 cents on the dollar goes back to the farmer when you purchase it from the grocery store," says Smith.  "When you're buying it directly from them at a place like the farmers market that entire dollar is going back to them and they are reinvesting them into our communities."  

The Columbia Farmers Market will also be accepting EBT and SNAP benefits Tuesday. The market opens at 3 p.m. and ends at 6 p.m.