Columbie Fire Department Sets Room on Fire

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Fire Department hosted its 12th annual Fire Factor event Wednesday at Speaker's Circel on MU's campus.

The fire department set a typical residence hall room on fire to show how quickly a fire can start and spread. It did not add anything to enhance the fire.

"You see the reaction in the student's faces when it goes from 'Wow this is so cool!' to 'Oh my God, this could happen to me,'" said Assistant Fire Marshall Shawn McCollom.

The live fire demonstration which began around noon was an 8 foot by 12 foot replica of a student's bedroom, filled with a bed, desk, chairs, and books.

The temperature of the fire reached more than 400 degrees and within 90 seconds, the room was completely engulfed in flame.

After the demonstration, people were able to ride in the bucket of a fire truck, extinguish a live fire with a fire extinguisher, and try on a fireman's gear, while completing an obstacle course.