Combine Record Breaker Commits to Mizzou

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COLUMBIA - When it comes to scouting football fast, how high, and how much are important. One Hickman football player is catching the attention of scouts in the off-season.

Wesley Leftwich doesn't take many breaks during a football game. The Hickman receiver also punts, kicks, and plays defense. Guess you can say he's catching up on lost time.

All the football coaches call him lefty...but he's not left-handed and he's one of the fastest high school football players in history.

"I mean it's sort of the legend of Wesley Leftwich," said Hickman Sprints Coach Luke Neal.

Wes Leftwich is part receiver, part track star and part combine king. He only picked up pigskin a few years ago.

"I didn't know anything about football," admitted Leftwich, "I was a soccer player."

Leftwich had to catch on quickly...

"I didn't know what a post was or a curl or any of those routes were," Leftwich confessed.

"He was very raw coming into Hickman High School," said Hickman Football Coach Jason Wright. "I think it's just really snowballed as far as his effort, his enthusiasm, and his athletic ability."

Now, he's catching passes and traveling the country...showing off his skills at combines for the best high school football players in the nation.

"He's a really gifted guy and focused," said Neal. "He's really gone after this combine stuff almost like it's a 3rd sport for him."

At the Nike Combine in Chicago in March, Leftwich he earned a SPARG score of 126.1.

"Honestly I don't know what it stands for," laughed Leftwich, "it just rates athleticism I guess."

SPARG is an acronym for speed, power, agility, reaction, and quickness.

"I didn't know what was good and what was bad. So, they're like you know that's the best in the nation right now," says Leftwich.

At the U.S. Army Combine in San Antonio in January, Leftwich clocked a time of 4.31, breaking the combine record.

"I thought I would run a 4.4 or something and then it's 4.3," admitted Leftwich, "crazy!"

"He wants more than just a good combine score," said Neal. "He wants to have a good collegian career in football."

A career he's taking to Mizzou. Leftwich committed to the Tigers in February, but other college's continue to try to woo Wes.

"Notre Dame's been calling coach Wright a lot," said Leftwich. "I've been getting a whole bunch of letter from Stanford, Kansas, and K-State and Oklahoma State. I'm going to Mizzou."

Where the legend of Leftwich lives on.

"I love having the ball and I'm explosive. Give me open space and I'll take advantage of it," Leftwich says.

Leftwich going to Mizzou continues the family tradition...his mom, dad, and grandpa are all MU alums.