Commission on Cultural Affairs Discusses Future Art

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COLUMBIA- The Commission on Cultural Affairs met Monday to discuss art work outside of the future Short Street Garage. The "Percent for Art" program will fund the new art. The program takes one-percent of the cost of new city construction to be used for site-specific art.

The Short Street Garage is a $7 million project. That means "Percent for Art" will fund $60 thousand to spend on art after maintenance and administration charges. Aaron Krawitz, the Vice Chair of the Cultural Affairs Commission, said he expects a sculpture or mural to be placed outside of the garage, but didn't rule out something connected to the structure.

Among others, "Percent for Art" is also responsible for the glass on the northwest side of the Walnut Street Garage, and the "Key to the City" sculpture outside of City Hall.

The Commission expects to look through applications in the coming months to decide on an artist for the Short Street Garage project.