Commission on Cultural Affairs To Dole Out Funding

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COLUMBIA - A city commission will choose which artists and art agencies receive funding in a Tuesday night meeting. Members of the Cultural Affairs Commission will meet to review the groups that want to receive a share of the available $85,000.

21 non-profit organizations applied for grants from the Office of Cultural Affairs. Each organization has the potential to receieve up to $10,000 depending on their request.

Commissioners will score and rank the various agencies based on outreach ability, eduation motives and presentation. Agencies must meet a certain score in order to receive any funding.

Chris Stevens, manager of the Office of Cultural Affairs, said these funding decisions will affect most Columbia residents.

"All of the things that go on here in the city from an arts stand point help get funded by our efforts here this evening and so they are the types of opportuities that are itizprovided to all the cens of Columbia so of course they should care," said Stevens. "If they want to get out and enjoy the arts and cultural activities we are helping to fund some of those here tonight."

Art agencies are allowed to attend tonight's meeting but aren't allowed to speak while the officials decide how much each group will get. The art agencies will be able to make their own appeals for the money at the next meeting on July 9.