Common Core

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COLUMBIA - The Coordinating Board for Higher Education and the State Board of Higher Education met Tuesday to speak about better ways to implement Common Core.

A task force between higher, secondary, and elementary education has been implementing Common Core into the Missouri Learning Standards since 2010. But they say they still have things to tackle.

The force would like to focus on getting students college ready.

Sharon Helwig, assistant commissioner for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, said one main goal is getting teachers used to using new technology.

"There are new tools that are consistently coming out for teachers in schools," Helwig said. "Technology is coming out all the time and it's changing how we teach."

Dr. Rusty Monhollon, assistant commissioner for the Department of Higher Education, says there should be a focus on getting kids out of remedial courses. 

"It's really about curriculum alignment, making sure we have smooth path ways, transitions for students from high school to post secondary. It's assessing them precisely so that they place them in classes where they can succeed," Monhollon said. "We don't want to default and place them in remedial course if they just need a little brushing up or help to move forward."

Helwig says an assessment in the Spring will be the first to test out the new Common Core standards.