Community church hosts super bowl party

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COLUMBIA - The Community United Methodist Church hosted a super bowl watch party Sunday aimed to bring members of the community together.

According to the pastor of the church, Curtis Olsen, the church started hosting this event several years ago.

"We've been doing it off and on over the years for about the last five years and so we decided to get it going again," he said. 

Olsen said the turnout for the watch party always varies. 

"The numbers vary from time to time, but it always ranges from 50 to a 100 people," he said.

Olsen said events like this further the mission of the church.

"At Community United Methodist Church, one of our main things is we want to just bring the community together and just let people get to know each other and just help each other and help each other connect in that way," he said. 

Caroline Denton, a member of the church, said the church grows stronger hosting events like this. 

"We host other events, and our aim is the same, to bring people together and grow stronger," she said. 

The church plans to hold the super bowl party again next year.