Community clinics go on despite shortage of flu shots

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CENTRALIA - Despite delayed shipments of the injectable flu vaccine, the Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services held a community flu clinic in Centralia. The department was able to give out injectable forms of the vaccine to go along with the FluMist nasal spray.

This delayed shipment includes injectable vaccines for kids between the ages of 3 and 18, so as a result, the department is currently only offering it to those who cannot receive the FluMist vaccination due to specific medical conditions.

For adults 19 years of age and over, both an injectable vaccine and the FluMist vaccine cost a $25 fee. 

Even with the delayed shipment, Public Information Officer Andrea Waner said the department will not cancel community flu clinics for as long as it has any type of vaccine available.

"We don't want to cancel the clinics all together because not everybody gets the flu shot. Some people do get the mist, some people get high-dose and the intradermal, so we want to go ahead and get out in the community as often as we can to present an opportunity for people to get vaccinated," she said.

The department will hold two more community flu clinics this month before it receives a new shipment of injectable vaccines in November.

Waner said the department would definitely consider additional clinics to vaccinate more people once the new shipment arrives.