Community event raises money for at-risk youth

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COLUMBIA - The 1st ever Breaking Chains, Making Ways event attracted hundreds of people Saturday, and focused on building a successful community through fitness and fun.

The event raised money for at-risk youth. Breaking Chains, Making Ways Co-Organizer Sean Spence said proceeds will benefit a 2Real Fitness program that teaches life skills and fitness.

"It's pretty awesome," he said. "It's money that has come from parts of the community that have lots of money, but then we're providing a benefit for every part of the community. Whether people have a lot of money or a little money it doesn't matter. This is just a great way to be together."

Spence said he expects the event to raise between $3,000 and $5,000.

The day included fitness games, a barbecue, music artists and plenty of dancing. Spence said he's proud of how diversified the fundraiser was and how it brought people from all over the community.

"We've seen people today from the poorest neighborhoods and from the richest neighborhoods," he said. "It really is an event like I've never seen before."

Organizers said Breaking Chains, Making Ways was a success, and the event will happen year after year.