Community Foundation hosts 3rd Annual Champagne Campaign

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 LAKE OZARK - Supporters and donors gathered on Friday at a private home for the 3rd Annual Champagne Campaign. The event raises money for Community Foundation of the Lake. The group ensures non-profit organizations have enough financial support to continue providing services to the Lake of the Ozark community.

Guest raised money and their champagne glasses to keep the Lake Ozark community thriving. After a silent auction and live raffles the highest bid basket went for $150. Organizers say the event met it's goal of raising more than $20,000 but wants to set the bar higher in the future.

"Each year it gets larger. Our goal is within 5 years we'll be seeing over $100,000 per event coming. But most of our gifting comes from those folks who are willing to donate online or be able to contact us online and be able to structure their own type of gifting plan that is more just a one time gift," Board member Tony Reahr said.

Community Foundation of the Lake President Trenny Garrett said non-profits are busy in the community trying to raise money to support their cause. Garrett said it's their mission to help ease the burden.

"By opening an account with the Community Foundation of the Lake of the Ozark, they can run all of their donations through an account with us. It frees up some of their administrative time which is helping the people and meeting the needs in the community," Garrett said.

Reahr shares how the Community Foundation funds help on a national level.

"In other hardship events that happen they need to really pull those resources. For example, in Joplin, Missouri when we had the tornado and weather issues out there we were able to pull those funds together for the community," Reahr said.

Springfield branch representative Michael Chatman said that Community Foundation acts as a non-profit bank of shared charitable assets for philanthropists. The foundation invest those donations to improve the quality of life for community members.

"We want to make it easy for people in the Lake area to make a difference. They can make a difference right now by giving charitable dollars or also make a difference by leaving a legacy. The money that they leave can stay in the community and benefit the community for year's to come," Garrett said.

Some non-profit groups receiving grants this year from the Community Foundation include Big Brothers Big Sister, Medical Missions for Christ, Lighthouse Mission, Women by Women and the Golden Age Center.

To make an online donation to the Community Foundation of the Lake, visit their website.

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