Community Garden Opening to Honor Fallen Firefighter

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COLUMBIA - A Columbia garden opening soon is named the "Britt Community Garden & Stormwater Demonstration site" to honor fallen Columbia firefighter Lt. Bruce Britt and his family.

The stormwater demonstration site is located at Fire Station on Nifong Boulevard. The site is still being prepared and is set to open Monday.

The site will include raised flower and plant beds, a 600 gallon rain water tank and solar pumping station.

The City of Columbia Stormwater Utility is using the sites to educate people on local stormwater issues. The city said stormwater demonstration is about learning about rain water from storms that ends up in drains and streams into rivers.

Stormwater Educator Mike Heimos said the main thing is to use the facilities as an outreach program to educate people on what they can do around their home and through Columbia creeks and streams. He said one thing people will learn is how to save and conserve water around the home.

There is another completed site named "Stormy's Meadow" after Britt's daughter. This site has a sunflower garden set to bloom within the next few weeks.

Both of the sites are adjacent to fire stations and Heimos said after losing a firefighter recently they thought it would be a nice thing to do.

Heimos said people are excited to come take pictures once the flowers bloom and he said he hopes Leigh Britt and Stormy, will make an appearance as well.

"We did talk to the Britt family and they did OK us to call these Stormy's Meadow and the Britt Community Garden and we hope sometime in the fall once our sunflowers take off here that we'll invite Leigh and Stormy out to take a look at the facility," Heimos said. "We are just trying to get everyone in the community involved."

Volunteers will continue to work through this weekend to complete the site.

The last step is to hook the solar panels up to get free electricity which then hooks up to the water tank to water the plants.

"My hope is with time and weather that we will have that site up and running by next week," Heimos said.

Demonstration classes will start in the fall.

If you would like to volunteer or know more about visiting the site click here.