Community Garden

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COLUMBIA - The city's newest community garden on Worley Street is already attracting gardeners. The garden received a $5,000 grant from the PedNet Coalition.

"This is one of our projects of the PedNet effort," said Adam Saunders, a PedNet action team member.

Saunders is also on hand to help.

"I help with layout, management, and advice for gardeners through my role with the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture," said Saunders

The garden has twenty five plots, and they're all taken. The Columbia Health Department joined forces with the Columbia Garden Coalition and the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture to get the garden started.

Maureen Coy works at the Health Department and pushed for the community garden. She hopes everyone can benefit from the garden.

"The berry bushes can be used by WIC members, different Health Department employees, or cooking classes," said Coy.

There are twenty five community gardens in the city, and many occupy empty lots and public land.