Community has the chance to talk with Moberly city manager informally

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MOBERLY- The Moberly community will have the chance to meet with the city manager and public relations manager informally for the first time.

Police Chief Russell Tarr, Public Relations Manager Tristan Asbury and City Manager Brian Crane were set to be at the Moberly Public Library at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday to talk with members of the community.

Tarr said Coffee with a Cop started a few years ago where he would meet with the community to discuss any questions or concerns the public had with law enforcement in the city.

He said the city manager at the time, Andy Morris, joined him and would take concerns the community had with the city.

"It is an opportunity to have an informal setting where the chief of police can meet with community leaders or members of a certain neighborhood or just about anyone from our town and discuss matters or issues that are of importance or relevance to them," Tarr said. 

He said this gives law enforcement and the city the opportunity to explain how things are taken care of and come up with solutions for things the community thinks needs to be done differently. 

"One of the recent complaints were heard were about some of traffic issues in neighborhoods where children play," Tarr said. "There were complaints of speeding or not abiding by stop signs."

"The whole thing is that it gives people a change to have a dialogue with city officials and we've even branched it out from, not necessarily the Coffee with a Cop nomenclature, but if you will, Coffee with Somebody Else, where you have an informal setting with some other department heads in the city," he said. "It gives people the chance, the opportunity to express some ideas, ask questions where they may not feel quite comfortable at a City Council meeting for example." 

An employee at the Moberly Public Library said the Coffee with a Cop informal meeting tries to hold a meeting at least once every quarter.

Tarr said he has seen a lot of positivity after the meetings and hopes to see new faces on Tuesday.