Community hog farm in Cooper County

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TIPTON - Some Tipton residents are working together to run their own hog farm.

This is in response to a possible concentrated animal feeding operation or CAFO that could be built in Cooper County.

The CAFO would be built on a portion of land on Gibson Farm in Cooper County.

Missouri's Department of Natural Resources approved a permit for the CAFO on June 19.

Fred Williams, a Tipton resident, is part of the group that started the hog farm. 

“We want to know where our pork came from and show the difference, the way hogs are supposed to be raised on dirt with free reign and room to run around verse being able to only stand up and lay down,” Williams said.

Williams said he and a other residents keep the hogs fed, watered and also do not feed the pigs antibiotics.

“You know what you're actually getting when you have a hog that is dirt raised and you know where it comes from,” Williams said.

Williams acknowledges the community is concerned about more than just having better meat.

“We're worried about feeding our neighbors and then when we worry about feeding our neighbors then they can worry about feeding their neighbors and so on and so forth,” he said.

Williams said some good has come out of the CAFO. He said it has brought the community together. 

“And that’s the one good thing about this whole deal, it's brought us together, a tighter community than it did before.”

KOMU 8 News reached out to Gibson Farm but did not receive a response.