Community input sought for McKee street sidewalk construction

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COLUMBIA - Columbia City Council is encouraging community input on the proposed construction of a sidewalk along the east side of McKee Street between Orchard Lane and Nick Court. The discussion will take place during the meeting Monday night.

The construction will connect McKee Street Park to the south corner of Orchard Lane. 

McKee Street resident Christina Carter said she thinks the project would improve neighborhood safety. 

"There’s a lot of kids in this neighborhood that go to the park all time and walk when they get off the bus to go home," Carter said. "There’s just one side walk, and I feel like there needs to be a sidewalk on both sides of the street, so the kids can be more safe." 

Carter said McKee Street she believes her neighbors would be more inclined to leave their houses with the new sidewalk addition. 

"This is a very residential area, so I feel like sidewalks are very much needed not only for safety reasons but just so residents can be able to enjoy the outside and walk about freely if they want to," Carter said. 

Resident Robert Schneider said that the sidewalk would make people feel safer. 

"Speed limits are 25 miles per hour in this area, but people go so fast," Schneider said. "If we have more lighting, plus sidewalks, that would make people walking feel safer."

City Council held an interested parties meeting in March to talk about the costs and plans. The construction will require temporary easements from property owners and residents. 

The total cost for the construction is $222,000.

If approved, construction will begin in the fall of 2020.