Community Lanes Closed After 55 Years

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MOBERLY - After more than 50 years in business, Community Lanes Bowling Alley called it quits last week.

The closing followed a news release warning that if the business could not find a buyer it would be forced to shut down.

A local bowling alley owner in Columbia said the closing was evidence that bowling is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

"Kids today, they have their video games, they can bowl on the WII. I think bowling in alleys is becoming outdated," Lazer Lane owner Ron Sterchi said.

However Sterchi isn't worried that his business is headed in the same direction as Community Lanes.

According to Sterchi, Lazer Lanes isn't focused on bowling and instead focuses on lazer tag and arcade games.

"We're not a bowling alley and we don't want to be," Sterchi said.

Sterchi also said that bowling accounts for only 20% of his overall business.