Community Leaders Talk Changes For Downtown Accessibility

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COLUMBIA- City organizers and residents will meet Tuesday about downtown access, circulation and parking on the east side of downtown.

Topics at the meeting will include a bike boulevard at the intersection of Windsor Road and College Avenue, putting a median in the middle of College Avenue to stop people from crossing and changing one-way streets downtown.

Chair of the Downtown Leadership Council (DLC), Brent Gardner said the make-up of Columbia has changed. 

"It's a different feel than it was two or five years ago. We want to re-analyze some of that and opinions...It seems like there has been a lot of these issues piling up. When we try to solve an issue one at a time you end up negatively affecting another one. So we are trying to look at them as one big bundle.

The DLC compiled public opinions in 2009, but the group said they need to get more updated information.

"In the last four years there has been a lot of changes. Certainly the downtown has changed its make up since 2009," said Gardner. 

The meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. in the Walton Building.